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アイチ・ディー リモートワークショップ   2020.07.27

 ◆ Ai Chi Day by Zoom 2020年7月26日


Ai Chi Day Zoom Schedule

Times are EDT (Florida / New York) on Sunday July 26
8AM Jun Konno will tell us about himself and how he came up with Ai Chi.
8:30 Mari Fujita (Japan) Ai Chi for Prenatal
9:00 Lavin Wong (Hong Kong) Ai Chi Ball for UE Strength and Core
9:20 Anne Asterhall (Sweden) Ai Chi Gongbath (sound therapy)
9:40 Katrien Lemahieu (Netherlands) Ai Chi in 3
10:00 Mimi Adami (Italy) Posture and Breath with Ai Chi
10:20 Cesar Petronio (Argentina) Ai Chi for Preventing Falls in Older Adults
10:40 Donna Lewen (Arizona) Seated Ai Chi Accenting Meridians

Break 11 – 12

12:00 Anne Burnell (Illinois) Ai Chi Unravel
12:20 Ruth Sova (Florida) Spiraling Ai Chi
12:40 donna Mooneyham (North Carolina) Adapting Ai Chi Props
1:00 Mary Wykle (Virginia) Ai Chi Spine
1:20 Meredith Morig (Florida) Sensory Application of Ai Chi
1:40 Sinclair Brown (Pennsylvania) Visualization
2:00 Mindy Pierce (Illinois / Florida) Mindful and Sensory Ai Chi
2:20 Rodna Bordner (Ohio) Ai Chi for Kids
2:40 Starr Nixdorf (Nevada) Compensating for Mobility Differences


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